An outright betrayal

Tulsi Gabbard for President
Honoring our servicemen and women means only sending them on missions that are truly worthy of the great sacrifices that they and their families are making.
On CNN this week, Tulsi made it clear that Trump's decision to send 200 troops to Saudi Arabia, a country that continues to provide both direct and indirect support to al-Qaeda, is an outright betrayal of every single servicemember who wears the uniform and of the survivors of the attack on 9/11.
200 troops is 200 troops too many. Click here to watch Tulsi's answer whether our troops should put their lives on the line for Saudi Arabia and share it with your friends.
Asked what she would do as president, Tulsi responded with a clear-eyed analysis and plan of action, affirming again that we cannot continue a cycle of retaliation that can only lead to "an all out inferno of a war" with Iran.
Tulsi is committed to end our engagement in regime change wars and stop the new Cold War and nuclear arms race because she understands the cost of war on our servicemembers and their families as well as our nation as a whole.
Click here to stand with Tulsi to honor our servicemen and women and ensure we are not pawning them off to the highest bidder in countries like Saudi Arabia that are allied with our enemy.
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