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Those of us on the ground know that the grassroots momentum for Tulsi is strong. It looks like yard signs springing up in every corner of the early states. It looks like lines around the block for Tulsi's events and people spilling out of venues. It looks like you, reading this email, and deciding that today is the day you're ready to be part of this movement. 

Our movement relies 100% on grassroots support — Tulsi doesn't accept PAC money, and she's made some powerful enemies in the foreign policy establishment, and at the DNC, by refusing to accept or uphold the status quo. Instead, she fights for you. And now she needs you to give her a fighting chance:

Can we count on you to stand with us and make a contribution? 

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The country got a window into what that momentum looks like after the second debate when Tulsi was the most googled candidate of her debate for the second time running and we quickly surpassed the 130,000 unique donors needed to meet the grassroots fundraising requirement for the third Democratic debate in September. But we still have work ahead of us — and it won't be easy.

The truth is, the deck is stacked against us — we're fighting an uphill battle against establishment media bias and smears, and a system that will do anything in its power to minimize our momentum and our message. 

Our donor numbers are hard evidence of Tulsi's grassroots momentum that no one can deny. So we're not resting at 130,000 — with your help, we're going to make it to 170,000 by the time Tulsi gets back from National Guard duty on the 26th. 

Chip in now to be part of this undeniable momentum!

Thank you for all that you do,



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