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There are only a few hours left until midnight and the end of quarter fundraising deadline. We are an underdog team, without the resources that come from cultivating establishment connections — and yet interest in and support for our campaign is surging. If Tulsi was any other candidate —  not speaking out against regime change war, not hitting the military industrial complex where it hurts — the media would have latched on to the story that Tulsi was the most Googled candidate after the debates. But they didn't, because they're trying to ice us out — and we're sure they'll try to dismiss us again by pointing out how little money we have compared to other candidates. 

Can you pitch in whatever you can to ensure the grassroots support for Tulsi is undeniable?




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Help Tulsi stay in the debates



Martins —

There are two big challenges threatening to derail our upward swing coming out of the first presidential debates — and Tulsi needs your help to take them on.

The first is that the 2nd quarter fundraising deadline is tonight. We don't take PAC money and this campaign is people-powered, so we need you in our corner to show the true grassroots momentum behind this campaign. 

The second challenge is that we need to find 45,000 more donors by August 28 so Tulsi can stand on the debate stage in September.

Will you donate $25, $15 — or any amount you can — to continue building on our momentum from Miami?

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Tulsi and our team knew that the first Democratic debate was going to be a big moment for us. Bias in the mainstream media has kept many Americans in the dark about who Tulsi is and what she stands for. Even though she got the 3rd least air time on the debate stage, people googled Tulsi more than any other candidate during the debates. This proves they're hungry for an authentic and honest candidate, even if Tulsi continues to get sidelined by the press.

The next two debates are going to be just as important. Tulsi was the only one onstage in Miami calling out the NeoCons and NeoLibs who have pulled us into one regime change war after another. She kept the focus on the biggest, most existential issues we face as a nation rather than getting lost in mud-slinging.

Whether this campaign continues to catch fire and exceed expectations is up to all of us. This includes you. 

Please donate now. Your help will mean we can keep riding this wave through the second debate, on to the debates in September and all the way to the White House. But Tulsi can't do it without you.

- TULSI2020


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