Help us reach 100k donors by midnight?

TULSI 2020

Help us reach our 100k donor goal by midnight tonight


This is it. We only have a few hours left until midnight — which is when we aimed to reach our 100k donor goal to help Tulsi make it to the 3rd and 4th primary debates.

Only 8 or 9 candidates are even expected to make it to those debates in September. The requirements are really steep — and while we're on track to reaching them, we're not there yet:

Requirement 1: 130k unique donors
Requirement 2: 2% in 4 qualifying national polls

After hitting tonight's goal, we'll still have a long way to go. That's why we need your help, not only by stepping up to donate but also in sharing our campaign with your friends and family.

Click here to make your first donation to help elect Tulsi the next President of the United States. She's ready to step up, bringing the heart of a soldier to the White House on Day 1. Are you?

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- Caitlin


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