I should be whipping up urgency

TULSI 2020

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A few months ago, I emailed our movement about the FEC's financial reporting deadline in March. (TL;DR: It's that time again.)

Back then, I said, 

"...I should be drumming up urgency. I should be asking you to help me impress the political establishment and mainstream media by donating all you can. But I won't."

Well, it's that time again. And what I said back then is still true. 

This campaign still isn't about me and never will be. It's about ending costly and counterproductive regime change wars, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race and then using the trillions of taxpayer dollars we're wasting on these wars and weapons to take care of our people. 

Donate $10, $20 or even $50 now to support action on the issues you and I have stood together on.

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Some have asked me why I'm focused on the issue of regime change war, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race. Let me be clear: I have and will continue to fight for a future where everyone has clean water to drink and clean air to breathe, where everyone receives the medical care they need, has a roof over their head, receives the education they need, is able to find good paying, fulfilling work, and has access to nourishing food. 

But right now, too many self-serving politicians are paying lip service to these pressing needs of the American people while refusing to address the root cause. Why is the richest country in the world still struggling to make this vision a reality for its people? Because we have a government that is in the pocket of warmongers and the military industrial complex, and their influence extends to the corporate media and the establishment in both parties. 

If we're going to make the vision of a truly peaceful and prosperous society a reality, we need to strike at the root of the problem — we need to sever the stranglehold that the military industrial complex has on our government and institute a government that is truly of, by and for the people. With your help, that's what I'll do as your president. 

Don't donate for me or just because the FEC filing deadline is approaching. Donate for us — and for the world we can build together.



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