I want Tulsi on that stage in September. Do you?

TULSI 2020


With the news from the DNC, will you join me on this 3-month marathon to get Tulsi on to the debate stage this fall?

I wouldn't be working on this campaign if I didn't truly, deeply believe that we need Tulsi in the White House. We are at a crossroads. We can go down the path of more devastating, costly regime change wars, and the escalation of this new Cold War with Russia and China that our leaders have dragged us into, or we can take the path of peace and freedom that Tulsi is leading us towards.  

The most direct way to get Tulsi on the debate stage to deliver her message is for the thousands of people on our list who haven't given yet to take the next step and make a donation. And I'm serious when I say even $1 counts.

Click here to donate $1 or any amount now to get Tulsi on that debate stage in September.

I want the next generation to grow up in a world where they don't have to worry about the threat of nuclear war, where they sleep soundly at night knowing our leaders are looking out for the safety, security and best interests of our people and our planet. I want the next generation to grow up in a country where our leaders truly are examples of selfless service. I know Tulsi can get us there.