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Everywhere she goes, Tulsi continues to confound the establishment. Because they've apparently never met anyone like her — a real patriot, someone who says what she means and means what she says, who has dedicated her life to putting service to others and our country above her own interests, and who believes that a future without nuclear war is possible — they're left scratching their heads and mumbling that her race is "quixotic" and she's clearly supported by Russian bots.
I know you're not a Russian bot — and your support is what's actually carrying Tulsi through the early states, allowing her to put out TV and digital ads, and get her message directly to the people.
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Just to prove my point, an article came out in the Atlantic the other day about Tulsi and boy, is it a doozy! Of course it starts with a predictable and over-the-top rehashing of the same "Russia/Assad/Hinduphobia" smear-tactics they always use (at one point claiming that "the Russian embassy in South Africa has tweeted defensively about her," whatever that's supposed to mean).
The author tries to paint her as mysterious, elusive and untrustworthy, citing "many high-level Democrats" who spoke on condition of anonymity and who "suspect that Gabbard is up to something other than actually trying to win the party's nomination — even if they can't quite identify what her goal is."
Here's an idea: maybe they can't find any ulterior motives because there aren't any. Putting service above self means putting your own self interests aside and focusing on working for the wellbeing of others. Tulsi is offering to serve because she loves this country and she's committed her life to protecting the wellbeing of the American people and our planet. That's what she's "up to." It's not complicated.
The fact that this apparently never occurred to the author of this article, or to any of the unnamed operatives and "Democratic observers" who chimed in with their bewilderment, is evidence of how bereft of true leadership our country is today. But the political elite can't even comprehend the idea of someone putting the interests and service of the American people and our country before their own interests. And this is why Tulsi needs to become our next president.
Can we count on you to give $5, $10 or whatever you can afford to support our movement and ensure that no one is ever again described as "suspicious" for dedicating themselves to service to their country and the American people?
Tulsi is on a mission to stop engaging in regime change wars that have wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars, destroyed countries, strengthened terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands.
Tulsi is on a mission to save our country and the world from nuclear annihilation — as well as the threats posed by rampant political corruption, corporate exploitation and climate change, to name a few of the many urgent challenges facing the American people.
Tulsi is on a mission to invest in the needs of the American people, in a healthcare system that actually helps us stay healthy, in a criminal justice system that actually provides justice, in a green energy economy that allows us to power our lives and protect our future at the same time.
Please join Tulsi on this noble mission.
With aloha,
Vrindavan, Tulsi's sister
PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707
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