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Tulsi will be headed home early next week from a two week active duty training overseas and when she gets back, we want to surprise her by reaching 170,000 donors - and we only have 5,246 to go! 

While other candidates have been holding high-dollar fundraisers in the Hamptons, Tulsi's been away serving her country. Tulsi has dedicated her life to putting service above self, and now she needs your help to bring this spirit of service to the White House. 

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Tulsi knows the cost of war because she's seen it first hand. She's been a courageous and uncompromising voice to end regime change wars, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race and to reinvest the money spent on those wars and weapons to meet the needs of the American people. 

She's put her life and reputation on the line to stand for peace and diplomacy - and in return, the establishment has gone out of their way to either ignore or smear her because she threatens their bottom line. 

But the American people are listening. We know that establishment politics is broken and no longer represents the interests of the American people. We know the media is more interested in clicks and eyeballs than in telling the truth and preserving our democracy. We know big corporations control the levers of power in Washington. 

And, we know their hold on power will dissolve as soon as the people rise up and make their voices heard. Because that's how our country was designed - as a government of, by and for the people. And with your help, we can elect a leader who will always put people before politics and service above self. 

Be one of the 5,246 donors who bring a smile to Tulsi's face as soon as she steps off the plane from active duty and let her know we stand with her for a government of, by and for the people.

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