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Critical TV ad in Iowa — today + tomorrow



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Right now, there's a huge surge of excitement about Tulsi because of her breakout debate performance. To build on that momentum, we're airing a new ad on TV in Iowa introducing these critical primary voters to Tulsi through the weekend.

But we need your help. Can you chip in $5, $10 or whatever you can to get our ad in front of as many primary voters in Iowa as possible? 

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We knew that when people saw Tulsi onstage at the debate, they would sit up and take notice. And they did — she was the most googled presidential candidate of the night. 

But many key primary voters don't really know Tulsi yet. They've only seen mainstream media smear jobs about her or they haven't heard much about her because of how the mainstream media has iced her out.

Our TV ad is going to change all that. 

Chip in now to get our ad on air throughout the weekend in Iowa.

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