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 We just welcomed Tulsi home from two weeks serving overseas with her National Guard unit. We need to make sure we continue the momentum as she returns to the campaign trail in full force.

We're a truly grassroots campaign - we don't accept PAC or lobbyist money and 95% of our contributors have given $100 or less. We're powered by the people, not the party machine.

Can you make your first donation of $5 to help us raise $95,000 to meet our end-of-month fundraising goal?

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Hitting this goal means we can confidently plan for the next 30 days as we deploy digital ads, host grassroots events, train volunteers and send Tulsi to the cities and small towns all around this country where we know her message resonates.

Our campaign started as a gathering of people from all walks of life who were fed up with a failed foreign policy that has bankrupted our nation and our moral authority, wasting trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives and undermining our values and our security.

It's continued as a movement for peace and prosperity for all, fueled by the conviction that in Tulsi we've found a leader who will stand up and tell the truth no matter the political cost. Tulsi won't just tell the truth, she'll act on it - bringing about a sea change in our foreign policy to stop engaging in regime change wars, end the new Cold War and nuclear arms race, and use the money wasted on those wars and weapons to meet the needs of the American people.

It's going to take all of us pitching in together to make this sea change a reality. Can we count on you to make your first donation of $5 or whatever you can afford now? 




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