She did it

Tulsi Gabbard for President
There's a reason the DNC/corporate media didn't want Tulsi on that debate stage last night. Every time she takes it, she's the most googled candidate of the night. And that's because she actually speaks for We, the American people.
Once again, Tulsi proved without a doubt that she is the most fit candidate on that stage to carry out the most important responsibility of the presidency: serving as our country's Commander in Chief on Day One.
We already know that the mainstream media is not going to give Tulsi or our campaign the fair coverage she earned after last night's performance. The Twittersphere DC media elite are already twisting her words, putting a negative spin on her unifying message for the people.

The biased corporate media is already spinning last night's results so that Tulsi's message is ignored or twisted. That's exactly why it is up to ALL OF US to make sure she's heard. Watch this video of last night's highlights, and then make a donation of $12 to help us get this video in front of as many Americans as possible before the end of the day.

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She's the most searched candidate on Google because she's speaking the truth when no one else will, and she's doing it so that we can live and thrive in a country that truly is of, by and for the people.
Tulsi had a great night but reality is, this debate changes nothing. While the debates have become the focus of the corporate media and Washington insiders, Tulsi's focus has always — and continues — to be on all of us. The voters across our country and all those who feel left behind by a corrupt political system.
Over the coming days and weeks — beginning first thing tomorrow morning when Tulsi leaves for New Hampshire, she will be bringing our campaign's message to those voters because they get the first say, not the DNC. Not the New York Times or CNN. We, The People.

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