SURVEY: Tulsi at the debates

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What did you think of Tulsi's performance in Wednesday night's debates?

After watching so many candidates - over two nights! - talk over and one-up each other, and use the issues to score political points, I feel even more honored to work for and support a candidate who always puts people before politics and service above self. 

Click here to ask your friends and family — Mom, Dad, friends from work, everyone! — to tell us what they thought of Tulsi's debate performance.

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Friend —

Will you answer a few questions about what you thought of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's presidential debate performance on Wednesday night?

The survey's right here.

Tulsi is a 4-term Congresswoman and the first female combat veteran to ever run for the presidency. She has served on the House Foreign Affairs, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees and deployed to the Middle East twice.

At the first Democratic debate, she emphasized key national security issues — like averting war with Iran, ending regime change wars and preventing nuclear war — and how, as President, she'll use the trillions of taxpayer dollars being used on these wars and weapons to meet the needs of the American people.

What did you think? Please share your thoughts on how she did. Tulsi's team and I want to know!



Thanks, Martins. I can't wait to see how you, your friends and your family respond.

- Caitlin Pomerantz, Deputy Campaign Manager, TULSI2020


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