Thank you

TULSI 2020

Dear Supporter, 

It's late so I just want to say this quickly: Thank you.

It has been an incredible month. We closed out the second quarter strong and our campaign is still riding this amazing wave of support following the presidential debates.

None of this would be possible without you. We are running a people-powered campaign and we are only here because you dug deep and offered your time and your support. 

We began this campaign in the spirit of aloha. Aloha means, "I come to you with an open heart, with deep love and respect, and a recognition that we are all brothers and sisters, we are all children of God." 

Love is not just a feeling. It is a powerful force that drives us to act — to put service above self. This is what motivates me in my life, to do my best to be of service, to live that love by working for the well-being of others and our planet. 

It's been humbling and gratifying to see so many of you respond to this same call and I'm grateful every day to be on this journey with you. 

Thank you for standing with me and allowing me to fight for you. 

With aloha,


PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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