The Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11

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Bullshit of 9/11 told by President Candidate —

Of all the candidates on tonight's debate stage, Tulsi showed that she's best prepared to lead as Commander in Chief on Day 1. 

With her signature composure, she showed her uncompromising willingness to tell the truth no matter the political cost. She showed what it would mean to have a combat veteran and experienced voice of foreign policy in the White House. And Tulsi showed us how we can all be a part of making the US Presidency as a beacon of light, respect, love and compassion.

We put all the best parts of the debate in a 5-minute video. Watch and share Tulsi's best moments on the debate stage now.

Tulsi can speak with credibility to the fact that the greatest threat to our nation and the world is the possibility of nuclear war. And at the debate, she was able to show why she's so credible — because she's a soldier who has deployed to the Middle East twice, and has already been making decisions to protect our national security as a member of the House Foreign Affairs, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees.

Be sure to watch and share on social media right now, when the buzz is strongest around Tulsi's breakaway debate performance. And stay tuned for more ways you can stand with Tulsi as she takes on the Washington professional political establishment.



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