Tulsi won the 1st debate

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Tulsi didn't walk onto that debate stage last night trying to impress anyone. She walked on stage with the sole mission to tell the truth no matter the political cost.

And it worked. Multiple news outlets declared Tulsi to be the breakaway winner of Wednesday's debate. And search data shows that more people were googling Tulsi than any other debate candidate:

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This graph and the images below show how people respond when they see a presidential candidate who is real, authentic and focused on the greatest threats to our country and not on their own popularity.

Before the debate:

After the debate:

This data also shows that, for many viewers, this was their first introduction to Tulsi. We must capitalize on this moment.

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In short, your help now will help ensure that Tulsi will walk on to the NEXT debate stage in September.

Tulsi told the truth about regime change wars and the new Cold War costing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. About the fact that we're still in Afghanistan 20 years later, fighting the wrong enemy. And about the fact that Saudi Arabia right now is protecting our enemy, al-Qaeda. 

You saw — she did it all with complete composure. While other candidates cut each other off and interrupted the moderators for a few more seconds of airtime, Tulsi stayed focused on telling the American people the most important things they needed to hear. 

It's clear that Tulsi's uncompromising honesty is refreshing and appealing, that it speaks to people. But there's a ton of work to do to turn that into concrete support. 

Chip in now to help us capture this precious momentum for Tulsi.





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