Tulsi’s off the trail so we need to keep her in the race

TULSI 2020

Help keep the campaign strong while Tulsi's away



We're more than half way through Tulsi's two week Army National Guard drill in Indonesia and Tulsi has been on active duty for 9 days. During Tulsi's time of service to our country, other presidential candidates have been hitting the campaign stops in early states, appearing on television shows and soliciting donations in person. Just because Tulsi is temporarily off the trail, doesn't mean we can't help make sure we hit our fundraising goals for the month. 

If all of us give just $1 for each day Tulsi is away serving, we can meet our fundraising goals for August and ensure Tulsi comes back to a campaign that's stronger than ever and ready to forge ahead through these critical months. 

Can you give $9 to make sure Tulsi comes back to a campaign in full swing, ready to go the distance for her?

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Keeping momentum going while Tulsi's away during this critical qualifying period for the September debates is going to take all of us stepping up to pitch in and show our support. Just like our campaign is at a critical moment, so is our country. Our nation is in a moment of decision about who we are and who we want to be - do we want to be a nation of empty words and empty promises, or do we want to be a nation that makes good on the promise of America, for freedom, justice, liberty, security and opportunity for all? 

Making good on this promise will require leadership that puts service above self and puts the interests of the people above profit and above partisanship. Putting service above self means taking action, not just mouthing words. Because service isn't a slogan, it's the engine of real patriotism. 

Tulsi has never made decisions based on what's politically expedient, or what's popular. She serves based on what's good for the country and all of its people. Now we need to make sure we have her back.

Tulsi volunteered to deploy for the same reason that she's offering to serve as president: because she loves our country, and she loves the American people. When you love, you want to do something to protect those you love. As president, Tulsi will put service above self not only with her words but with her actions.

Thanks for all that you do,

Caitlin Pomerantz, Deputy Campaign Manager, TULSI2020


PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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