Tulsi Gabbard for President
I hope you give me a moment to explain exactly why this video speaks to the heart of what makes Tulsi — and our growing movement of Americans — different from every other candidate and campaign:
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In every town, city and county across the country we are hearing the same thing: Things have changed, and not for the better. One young man in Iowa from the small town of Albia shared that in his town, people can't even look each other in the eyes at the corner store. He said people have lost friends and even their businesses because of political differences. Conversations that were once casual and friendly have become tense and strained. People are feeling hopeless. Left behind. Bitter with not just the state of politics, but the impact that it's had on their closest relationships.
I really want you to hear this, Martins: It doesn't need to be this way. In our movement, we not only respect, but deeply appreciate, that our great nation is made up of a rich diversity of views and attitudes. That progress cannot be made when we fear differences of opinion, resort to cancel culture, or when we allow our leaders and the media to fan the flames of division. On the campaign trail, Tulsi has the opportunity to meet people from across the political spectrum, from all walks of life and with all different (and often very strongly held) points of view. We do our best to ensure that at our gatherings, we create an environment of aloha and respect that is so lacking from our political discourse. We may respectfully disagree, yet we are still able to look each other in the eyes and have a conversation.  
Short soundbites might work for the DNC debate stage and for corporate media headlines but they don't work for we, the American people. Are you ready to usher in a new era of unity that works to find common ground and celebrates what makes us great instead of what makes us different? Watch this video and then contribute to our campaign that is capable of not only beating Trump, but unifying our country.
We have so much more in common, as Americans, than we are ever led to believe if we just read the headlines or listen to our political leaders. But they're selling a lie, and it's a lie that Tulsi will continue to call out — in the media, on the campaign trail — in order to heal our great divide.
The truth is, I rarely meet people on the trail who just define themselves as merely "pro" or "anti" any complicated or personal issue. Whether it's on immigration, foreign policy, gun safety, or healthcare, the solution is almost always more nuanced and human than the corporate media or political establishment allows.
Our President, our leaders in Congress, our representatives in the media — they have failed us by putting bias and political point scoring ahead of our people, and our planet. As your President, Tulsi will once again make the White House a beacon of hope and light that serves the people, not any particular political party. She will bring a soldier's values of service above self to the position of commander in chief, honoring the sacrifices of her brothers and sisters in arms who put on the uniform to defend the freedoms, rights and liberties of ALL Americans.
Thank you for standing with me, and standing for a better and more united America.
For the people —

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