Why we can’t let this one slide

Tulsi Gabbard for President
When we allow the establishment elite to spread lies and misinformation through the media about anyone they disagree with, attempting to silence political opponents through smears and character assassination, we abdicate a central pillar of our democracy — our right to speak freely without being branded as traitors to the nation we love. 
This is exactly what we're up against, Martins — and Tulsi's willingness to challenge this cowardly tactic is inspiring people all around this country to come together and join Tulsi in taking our democracy back. 
Earlier this week, Tulsi once more stood up to Hillary Clinton for her defamatory remarks, demanding a retraction of her outrageous and baseless attacks, because Tulsi knows if this type of character assassination can happen to her — a two-time veteran, a Major in the Army National Guard, a vetted Member of Congress — it can happen to any one of us.

Tulsi is fighting for our freedoms to question the status quo, to have a dissenting voice, to challenge those in power. Right now — with just 5 days to go until she's on the national debate stage once again speaking truth to power — WE need to show her that we've got her back. Will you chip-in $15 and stand with Tulsi?

There's nothing more important than the freedoms and rights enshrined in our Constitution. It's why Tulsi put on the uniform after we were attacked on 9/11, and it's why she's courageously fighting to defend our rights and freedoms: our freedom to speak out against a dangerous foreign policy that has bankrupted our nation, undermined our national security and caused untold and unnecessary suffering and death. Our right to a government of, by and for the people — and a Democratic party that actually represents the interests of the people. Our freedom to speak to ALL Americans, regardless of their race, religion or party affiliation, without being labelled suspicious. 

Tulsi can't do this alone, Martins. We all need to show the same courage, the same commitment to our founding principles, as Tulsi shows us every day. That means speaking out EVERY time there's an attempt to quiet us, to call us Russian bots, to ignore us, to smear us, to question our patriotism. Let's show them what we as human beings — not bots — are capable of when we come together, Martins. Help demonstrate the true power of our uniquely American, grassroots movement and give $15 right now to help get Tulsi's message out. 

Here's the thing, Martins. Despite media blackouts, the DNC's arbitrary qualification process that favors establishment picks, and a smear campaign by Hillary Clinton and the corporate media: The people's support for Tulsi is rising everyday. 
Help Tulsi continue speaking truth to power.

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